Where’s R’Garden? Tuesday May 29th, 2012

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT:  Where’s R’Garden?

WHEN: 12-2PM MAY.29.2012

“The new site for the garden will be a place for students, faculty, staff and community members to grow fresh produce while learning about social, environmental, and economically sustainable developments.  People will have an opportunity to create community-based research programs and service-learning opportunities around environmental education and interdisciplinary courses that enhance the students’ experience at UCR.  R’Garden will act as a hub for sustainability at various levels of UCR”
–Chancellor White, January 2012

WHAT: Students from the University of California, Riverside want answers and transparency about the proposed community garden at UCR. In 2009, a community garden was developed near Watkins Drive as a pilot program through a student-run initiative. Since then, we’ve built support within and outside of the university even after learning that site was to become a parking lot in the near future. For the past year, we’ve been working to obtain answers on the new garden location for but for some reason we still have no garden, no answers, no invitation to meetings concerning this project, no notes from meetings, no responses after emails, letters, and personal requests to meet about the project, even after personal requests at the Chancellor’s office.

WHY: It is time for dialogue around this issue. We would like to invite all people, students, faculty, administration, and community members to join us on from 12-2pm this Tuesday. It is time we tell our side of the story in order to move this project forward. We are committed to bringing an interdisciplinary learning environment that promotes wellness, increases the accessibility of fresh and healthy food options, and creates opportunities for diversity training, community empowerment, student sustainability internships and research opportunities to our community!

The movement is growing…

UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Merced
UC San Diego
UC Santa Cruz
UC Santa Barbara

…all have community gardens, in some cases more than one.

WHO: Students from Cultivate R’Space and the Urban Garden Seminar will showcase their achievements and struggles working with administration to obtain a permanent site for the community garden at UCR. What political barriers is stopping this project from moving forward? How can we move forward and what can YOU do to get involved and support this project?

Supporters include:
UCR Students
UCR Faculty
UCR Staff
UCR Deans
UCR Departments
UCR Student Organizations
Riverside Community Organizations
Riverside Community Members
UCR Alumni
UC Alumni

JOIN US! We want answers…Where’s R’Garden?








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