R’ Garden is Here!

Hello Friends!

The Where’s R’ Garden Campaign was a major Success, and the R’ Garden will officially be opening in Fall.

We are now working with Office of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Office of Sustainability, Agricultural Operations, faculty, and dedicated peers to open up R’Garden this Fall 2012! With the combination of the amazing Urban Garden Seminar team, support from within UC Riverside community, Riverside, and local and regional friends and mentors, we are now developing the first phase of the garden. In the past few weeks, we have secured more than 2 acres of land for R’Garden, a garden coordinator, UCR Alumni Fortino Morales, has been hired for 2012-2013, and more student intern positions are underway.

We are excited to see how we can collaborate with our community partners to use this space to create learning and teaching opportunities for those who participates in this environmentally conscious development in Riverside.
Thank you for continuing to make this transforming project a reality at UC Riverside for the greater Riverside community.