Urban Garden Seminar: Winter 2013!

Thank you for applying to the UGS Winter 2013: Regenerative Community!

Welcome Email: 

By now you should have received a welcome email with the attached syllabus and instructions of next steps, if you do not have this yet, please make sure you applied through our google app and email us to make sure you receive updates in the future:

UGS 2013 Application (you will receive an email after applying,  spots available until seminar reaches capacity)

This Blog:

The only material you are responsible to read by week 1 is the syllabus that is already posted on our main UGS 2013 page on this site (and attached to the Welcome Email). In the near future, you will readings, video links, blog entries, and resources on this site for your convenience.

Seminar for Credit: 

As mentioned on the Welcome Email, if you are a student taking this seminar for credit, please send us the credit type you want to obtain (190ANTH, 190Public Policy, 198I with UCR department, 198I Garden Internship) to ucrurbangardenseminar@gmail.com!


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