Blog Under Construction for January 2013!

Welcome Urban Garden Seminar: Winter 2013!

Hey there, we apologize for the inconvenience, there is much new material, information, and contacts for:

  • Cultivate R’Space UGS 2013 Materials, Readings, and Video Links (syllabus already posted) 
  • Cultivate R’Space Community Group: this community group makes it possible for students and community members to get involved by developing, organizing, and hosting quarterly community events for and in the garden, meeting will begin January 2013 (contact: Pavan Rami, 
  • UCR Garden Physical Design: the toilet and classroom building projects are going to be a part of the larger community garden design process which starts January 2013, student groups are collaborating with the community garden to begin developing designs for each of these projects (contact: Fortino Morales and Gina Gonzales, 
  • UCR Garden Media and Documentation: this includes taking photographs, video, and promotional media items for the garden that will engage the community of Riverside and others in learning what this garden is about, who are the people involved, and how the different projects a part of a larger community project in our garden like others (contact: Yesenia Gurrola, 
  • UCR Garden Internships and Vision Planning: If interested in another project from these, you can also sign up through Undergraduate Research in the Community to develop a community project that focuses on your interests, allows you to choose a faculty mentor, and could potentially be a UCR Garden project in the near future (contact: Fortino Morales,

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