Week 4 Reflection

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It’s week 5 of the Urban Garden Seminar, that’s half way through. Yikes. We would like to get a sense of your experience this far by using the (+) and (Δ) system. Plus being something positive about what you experienced and delta explaining how we can improve the seminar in the remaining five weeks. Please write about three things that are positive so far and three things we can improve upon in the seminar pertaining to facilitation, workshops, readings, etc.










17 thoughts on “Week 4 Reflection

  1. (+)

    1. I really like the small class size and the fact that we can discuss important issues with each other.
    2. Learning about gardening and food justice is important and I like how everyone seems to be pretty passionate about it.
    3. Having guest lecturers is informative and keeps things interesting. Everyone teaches differently so I like that there are different speakers.


    1. I would like to learn more about gardening, like how to grown, when to grow, different uses for different plants/vegetables.
    2. I really enjoy getting to know everyone through introductions but they are pretty lengthy and take up a lot of class time.
    3. I can’t really think of a third thing 🙂

  2. Three Positives:
    1. Good instructor presentations
    2. variation in topics
    3. Great Ideas, more social activities

    1. Better organization of class location notices
    2. Better time management of classes
    3. Clearer explanations of goals and locations for volunteer work and project work

  3. Three Positives:
    1. I like the open forum way the class is constructed and run.
    2. I like the topics we are discussing
    3. I like the hands on approach.

    1. I think class time should be a little better organized because we are always running out of time
    2. Better organization of class location and topics
    3. Clearer explanation of what is to accomplished and a better understanding of how it is to be accomplished.

  4. I agree with Katarina, I’d like to see a better organization of the class location and topics as well as clearer explanation of what has been accomplished so far. I’d be great if we had more time in the seminar, it feels that a different schedule would be a more effective way to get deeper into the topics. An hour and twenty minutes doesn’t seem to be enough time.

    I love that folks come in and are ready to discuss and learn. Everyone in this group is motivated to be a part of this project and that’s what makes it successful and powerful. I like the topics discussed and I hope that this summer will be filled with youth learning about similar topics as well.

  5. I know I am responding pretty late with this, but I would still like to respond. So far it seems that we have done much in the fight for our community garden. I enjoy it how friendly everybody is, because I’ve noticed in my core classes everybody seems a little too stressed out all of the time. And I enjoy that we are coming together to improve the overall well-being of the community.

    It sucks that we do not have more time in class, because time really does fly by. I wish we would have covered a few more topics, but overall it was very enjoyable. I wish we would have had more time in the community garden.

  6. 3 Positives:
    1. Variation-Learning about all aspects pertaining to food culture such as history, food movements, gardening, composting, soil testing, plant domestication, and more. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be learning in our next meeting!
    2. Community Service Work. Going out into our community and working with other community members to find ways of improving health and safety through community gardens. To me, this has been the most inspiring part of the internship and I feel that it has made my motivation and commitment to the seminar grow.
    3. Building a strong group. It is great to see that we have grown into a very strong group filled with innovative ideas, opinions, concerns, questions and solutions. Because of this, we are able to create a positive and productive work-environment every-time we meet.

    3 Negatives:
    1. Spend less time on introductions. More time on tackling core issues.
    2. More organization as far as meeting places, date and time changes, and outside events.
    3. I’d like to spend more time in our garden.

  7. Changes:
    1.Better organization of class location notices
    2. Better time management of classes
    3. Clearer explanations of goals and locations for volunteer work and project work

    Everything else is Awesome!

  8. (+)
    1. I think I am liking the class being a small class. I remember a couple of years I had someone tell me that upper division classes were of the most 20 people. Now there are about 60 people. I like the fact that it’s a small class focused on learning.
    2. Great topics 🙂 
    3. I agree with other peeps who have said working with the community.
    1. The biggest change I would like to change is Thursdays. I would love to spend them outside in the garden planting, cleaning up the garden, mostly just spending time outside
    2. Maybe just shorten up introductions. They seem to take up quite a bit of time.
    Other than that I love the way the program is being ran 🙂

  9. Three positives:
    1. I love our discussions!
    2. The topics we discuss
    3. The community service learning hours, it was a great way to get people into the community!

    Three Changes:
    1. More time in the garden!
    2. I can’t think of anything else.

  10. (+)

    1. Small, safe space to exercise mutual respect

    2. Quality of discussions

    3. Interdisciplinary learning


    1. Random rants that keep us from dispersing info at the end

    2. Should make better use of iLearn

    3. introductions take a while

  11. (+)
    1. Love the small class size
    2. Learning from different professors
    3. The hands on approach through gardening and community service hours

    1. I wish we had a consistant classroom
    2. Better use of our time
    3. We need to be more organized with our goals so we can better accomplish them

  12. I know this is late but for future seminars
    1. I really enjoy the guest speakers from different majors, which allow us to touch on different persepectives.
    2. The student run seminar and open discussion
    3. Hands on and outside work and talking to people on campus to teach them about the garden and our goals.

    1. We need more hands on work, now that we have a proposed garden location we should check it out
    2. More varied topics
    3. I sort of agree with other students, the introductions did take long, it would be totally awesome if class time was longer but since it was short we should really get to our main topic and goals for the day

  13. (+)

    1. It is great that we are being introduced to a wide variety of topics. Each of the assigned readings has provided very useful information of each of the new topics.
    2. The discussions we have during class are very insightful. It is interesting hearing what everyone has to say. I am learning a lot from these discussions.
    3. The small class size. This gives everyone a chance to speak. It is also easier to get to know one another.


    1. We should spend more time working in the garden and getting some hands-on experience.
    2. It would be good if we had a consistent meeting location.
    3. The introductions are time consuming. They take away from the limited class time that we have.

  14. (+)
    1.The seminar did a great job of encouraging others to share their ideas. It made everyone feel important.
    2. The visit to growcology helped me to understand the steps in gathering community support and it also helped me to gain knowledge on what is going on in Riverside
    3. The seminar was proactive and is actually taking steps to change the world.

    1. I would like to see more bonding activities.
    2. More field-work on the garden would have been cool.
    3. Earlier announcements on where we are meeting.

  15. (+)
    1. I love the size of the class. We get to talk and know each other, it’s amazing.
    2. I like it that we get to learn about food justice and that what we believe is healthy actually is not.
    3. I like our every week guess speakers and how it’s a new topic every week.
    1. I would like to learn more about gardening.
    2. Better class time management.
    3. Teaching or helping seminar members understand the short and long term goals of the seminar.

  16. Hi people,

    I know this is pretty late, but better late than never! (Also, I’m sure it’ll be useful for future reference) So here goes:

    – Very informative
    – Small class size= better participation and helps getting to know one another better. Makes flowing through projects much easier.
    – Open forum! It really makes it easy for people to be themselves and be involved. It lets us feel comfortable in the environment we have where we do everything together.

    – More outside of class activities. I feel as though the class time doesn’t do the seminar justice. More time would be better, but if that can’t be achieved through class then having meetings out of class in an informal setting is beneficial as well (just as we did this quarter).
    – More garden work!! Working in the garden was fun, if we manage to get a permanent plot of land it would be even more awesome to have more class time spent there where we have hands on opportunities to be involved with the garden itself.
    – Field trips!!! The ones we had were really awesome with the growcology people. Having more trips that are just as informative and interesting as that one would be greatly beneficial. It helps give us an idea of what to do and what our goals should be set to!

    Hope this helps!

  17. (+)

    1. Neat quality discussions in the small class size

    2. Awesome speakers and topics

    3. The few garden times


    1. Time management. Though we love introductions, they shouldn’t take up more than half the time :/ because we run out of time to discuss the topic of the week. But, we do get that one on one closeness interaction. So nevermind.
    2. Make better use of ilearn
    3. Perhaps plan out the week the week prior to not night before

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