Week 8 Reflection

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This week, we focused the 3 hours of class time on our group projects in preparation for our upcoming event on Tuesday May 29th! After class, some of us tabled, taped posters all over campus, talked  to students and informed fellow UCR members about our project. How do you hope your group project will benefit our community? What are students’ and campus community’s perception about the project? Are there any questions that were asked which you feel still need to be answered?


11 thoughts on “Week 8 Reflection

  1. The tabling was a lot of fun. We had a lot of people who were really interested in our project and interested in the upcoming event. I think that if we keep doing tabling like that this seminar has the potential to grow exponentially.
    For the group work I think everything is going really well. Everyone is solid on their ideas and on their goals for the day. I feel that once it is together that it will be an amazing day.
    The big question I think that needs to be answered is where do we want the garden Ideally and where would we put it realistically. I think if we present both ideas to the campus community everyone will be much more excited about it.

  2. I unfortunately was not able to table but I every chance I got I spoke to my friends about the garden. When we spoke they were thrilled that we were even pursuing acquiring our own garden. We all agreed that having a garden on campus would create a greater sense of community by brining people together to change the way our functions in terms of providing healthier food. We all believe that having a garden is the first step in revolutionizing the food system and being more conscious about our ecological food prints.

  3. I was sad to miss that one important hour of tabling haha but I really did enjoy working on the zine and thinking of cool recipies that students can easily do. Not only that I was able to paint and draw for the posters and the zine, i mean, anything with arts and crafts im in. I hope that by doing this students can see the ease of cooking for themselves instead of having to buy HUB food, thats three times the amount of money or cook ramen noodles, which actually isnt really cooking and doesnt take that much skill. But anyways, for the one hour that I was there to help with tabling and chatting with our fellow UCR students, I felt good, no I felt really really good. I was explaining to these people about our plans for the garden, what they can do to help, and while I was doing that I was able to build up my social skills! A couple questions some asked, which I couldnt answer except with “you should talk to eli”, is when or how can I participate. But actually I just realized people put their email down on the list, so…

  4. I was part of the photography campaign and there were lots of great ideas presented. We wanted to show the community that there was a lot of support for the project. We decided that by starting a photo campaign and possibly making a video that we would accomplish what we set out to do. Unfortunately we did not have time to do a video but I believe the most important contribution was made and that was the photo campaign. It’s really powerful seeing actual faces tied to the garden and I believe that by these photos we will have a positive impression on future students and other audiences.

  5. I hope our group project hep’s inform people about the different food options that there is around UCR. i have several questions that have not been answer until now. I would like to know what are the future goals of the seminar, and what would they do with the vegetables and fruits that will be grow in the garden? Other people will have these same questions as i do.

  6. I hope it will get a lot more people involved, especially in the garden. A lot of the people I talked to were hesitant and first and a bit confused about what exactly a community garden was good for but after my little spiel, most of them were interested in learning more and becoming a part of the movement. I hope this will be a catalyst to bring people together to discuss issues like food justice on a campus wide scale. I also hope this will be the one of the first steps in bridging the disconnect we have with our food, due to are departure from being hunter/gatherers.

  7. Hey,

    After working on our projects I felt as though a lot got done. With that said, I really hoped that the zine that our group worked on was successful in getting our message sent out. What we focused on was making it captivating for our audience while at the same time understandable as to what we are trying to achieve. I helped put up posters around campus and tried to get people to take a photo-petition which I believed was successful. I hope that the project helps gets people involved and genuinely piques their interest in what we are doing. I feel as though people are unaware as to what we are doing and through our project it will hopefully answer the potential questions or concerns that people have with our work. The only question that has been asked that needs to be answered is when are we going to get our garden space and where will it be.


  8. I think most of the campus doesn’t really know about the injustices they are living through. It is because we as students get caught up with school work, that our critical thinking and inquiry process gets blindsided, nearly ironic. In tabling, once the students are presented to the pitch and demands, they feel empowered and excited about the project that they want to get involved. Other more compromised students, just support the idea and continue with their day, and that’s great too, because at least now, they know what Tuesday is and might tell someone else. The event should be a lot of that, providing people with things to talk about and get excited over. I think if we are too idealist and demanding, then the event might not be as welcoming to the entire campus, but only selected individuals. So a nice balanced way to deploy our demands to the student community while making them clear and loud to administration would be the best. That’s through our own personal stories and visions, exactly what we are doing now!

  9. I hope that the student body will embrace the changes that will be arising soon on our campus. I have high hopes that the creation of the community garden will begin a more positive exposure about “being green” that will begin an emphasis on caring more about our natural resources. At this point if a student is not a natural resource major, I see them not caring much about the garden, but hopefully this changes in the near future.

  10. I hope students were able to learn about some of the healthy spots around Riverside from our Food Map. We tried to make the Food Map as informative as possible. We provided a description of each of the healthy spots as well as map with directions to each spot. I met some great people and had some great discussions regarding the potential of healthy food. It seemed to me that the campus community was very excited about the potential to establish a student-run garden on our campus.

  11. I believe we did well while tabling, and that we can gain many supporters if we had more time to spread the word, but even with the time we had, we still saw many students voice their support and encouragement. Our voices will be heard!

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