Week 9 Reflection

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
― Audre Lorde

Reflect on how this quote relates to our seminar, our food system, community building, and student empowerment through the urban garden seminar 2012.

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12 thoughts on “Week 9 Reflection

  1. I can relate to this quote because I feel that when a person realizes their dreams and their goals it doesn’t really matter if other’s can’t see your vision right away because with a lot of hard work others will start to understand eventually. I’m sure other people don’t really see the importance of a garden seminar, food justice, and community but once people becomes educated on these topics I think people will really start to see the importance . Having justice in our food system for everyone is an incredibly important topic that many people are unaware of and once people realize the importance of issues such as these, fear of accomplishing your goal becomes less important. Fear doesn’t accomplish anything and if something’s important enough it can’t hold you back.

  2. I feel that this quote just really states that if you go for your dreams with all that you have then nothing else matter. When you are consumed by a vision, and you fear what others may say or what barriers will be in your way, when you really think about things they do not matter in the bigger picture. By then you have gotten what you wanted through sheer will and what was said or done or even what you were originally afraid of will be forgotten in the glory of the moment. So we should always aim high and go for our dreams because they will never steer us wrong.

  3. I feel like every great leader adopted this quote yet it applies to everyone because once you find that one thing you are truly passionate about then you no longer fear your service and capabilities. This applies to my service with the urban garden because I truly believe in it and what can provide us with in the future. So, engaging in getting out the word and dedicating time to improve the land we have in hopes to make it a viable and flourishing garden makes me happy. Fear, essentially, is what causes people to fail. The only fear any one should fear is how your actions will change the world as we know it and how much we can impact others by our actions.

  4. To have a vision and an understanding of what you’re truly capable of doing leads us to do great things. it gives us a purpose in which we can dedicate our life’s work. When we dedicate our lives to achieving something larger than ourselves and helping other people it comes back to us and we become happier individuals. i believe we all have a purpose in life and it is only a matter of finding a path to follow.

  5. Once we decided to do something or be part of a change it would be less important if we are afraid because we have learn what we are capable of doing. Once we decided something there would not be nothing to stop us. Our desires/goals will give us strength to continue, to create a difference a change in the world.

  6. Hi everyone,

    This quote greatly reflects on what our mentality needs to be. Our seminar group is currently in a struggle against the people that are constantly trying to prevent us from achieving our goals but once we keep trying to fight for our demands we focus on what needs to be done and forget about what potential repercussions await us. Reaching our goal is our emphasis and our priority. Once we set our sights on the r’garden and feel empowered ourselves there is little that can stop us. When we take that quote to heart is when we can really become powerful, influential individuals that can accomplish any task we set our sights to.


  7. Basically, being passive, isn’t going to cut it. If you want something and have that passion for it, then you will demand it and stand up for that vision. I think that this quote encompasses this quarter quite well. We had been taking on the student role and relied on UC Riverside to take action. However, that never happened. It was not until the seminar, and other students demanded organized and took action.

  8. It relates to the notion that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Once we realize that we are able to redirect our fear and disregard it, we are left with courage alone. We must be goal-oriented in order to become more conquerable individuals. The moment this occurs, we will become individuals that are only left with boundless boundaries.

  9. To me when you have one vision, one goal, and you really reach out and pursue it you forget about all the little and even big things that get in your way of doing so. This year I decided that i wanted to live my lifeand be happy and do whatever I felt was going to satisfy my life and taking this course was one of those goals. Usually when it comes to things like putting yourself out there, this blog for example, I get afraid and I choose not to do it, but when I remind myself of my goals I become less afraid. This quote very well relates to food justice and system because if your going to fight for something you believe in, why back away when your afraid, if its something you truly want to see happen, your going to keep pushing and soon people will realize the importance of it and will help. This seminar helps put us out there and experience the realities of goal setting and also the satisfaction of achieving them.

  10. “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
    ― Audre Lorde

    Reflect on how this quote relates to our seminar, our food system, community building, and student empowerment through the urban garden seminar 2012.

    Fear. That’s what usually stops us from doing something we want to in life. Dear of not knowing, fear of being judged, discriminated, left behind, not welcomed, and being wrong. But tying it into previous seminar session, this fear is generated through a social construction and binary that has been normalized. What does it mean to be “right” and “wrong” and what is “success” and “failure”? Who defines who these are, who benefits, who is disempowered, and what are the consequences for valuing these binaries? We all have power. Some may be more privileged over others in some areas while being empowered through our joint vision like the UGS 2012.

    I love this quote by Audre, as it reminds me of the event we hosted in Week 9. Yes, we knew we were disempowered in some areas, but we did not let this stop us. We had to know we had strength in numbers, in our project, and our commitment or else why do it? We did not let fear stop us, although it might have strategically refined our project in some ways. We focused on what we could do, what skills we did have, what each person could give to the team, and how to bring all of our interests into ONE project.

  11. This quote states that ideas can contain incredible power. And, the greater and idea and vision, the less one fears defeat and failure. This quote definitely relates to our goals and aspirations. One example of this is our hope to establish a UCR garden. As our proposal becomes greater, the opposition and likely failure we may face will diminish.

  12. This is the representation of our dreams put into words. We may dare to dream and aspire to greatness, but it is our actions towards that ideal, that makes it possible. We focused on bringing about the garden, and our idea was met with many criticisms, yet we continued in our quest, and now it is in fruition!

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