Why a Real Food Map?

Reasons for doing this Project: 

  1. Food Awareness about the food options our campus offers and also the health food options they can get off campus
  2. We would like to point out healthy food spots to UCR students so students may start to invest in more sustainable and healthy food.
  3.  To make healthy food accesible
  4.  To make healthy food options a priority that may reflect upon student needs that the University may address
  5. In contrast to that, if there aren’t many healthy spots, we want to find out why that is?  What can we do about that?

Research Questions: 

  1. Are healthy food options something student want to see on campus? If not, why?
  2. How can  healthy food options connect students?
  3. How do we redefine what healthy is to make it less elitist ?
  4. For our diverse student population, why is it that some cultures are underrepresented when it comes to food variety on campus?
  5. Why is it that there aren’t as many healthy spots as other UC campus’ ?
  6. Why don’t we have a Farmers Market on campus?

UGS 2012 Seminar Research Results: 

  • Fast- food is concentrated along 91 freeway on Magnolia Blvd. in the Arlington neighborhood, on Van Buren/Arlington Blvd. in the Arlanza community (near Riverside airport), in Magnolia Center (near Riverside plaza), and all along University Ave.
  • Although there are 5 farmers’ markets in Riverside, getting to them requires knowing the time, location, and transportation which is only provided on website and billboards in English, and 25% of residents speak another language at home making it difficult to advertise to non-English speakers (Social, Census 2010). One must also have a flexible schedule, but 75% of employed work for private companies on payroll
  • 10:1 ratio of fast food locations to fresh food markets on University Avenue from UC Riverside throughout the Eastside neighborhood.

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